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Everyone says it will happen. But when you're in the midst of round the clock feeding, sleepless nights, trying to work out how on earth to keep this tiny being safe, happy and healthy for the rest of it's life (and silently panicking that you can't!) you just don't believe them. But then somehow you find your feet, adjust to your new normal, really start enjoying motherhood and you realise they were right. That time goes SO quickly.

Our wee little babe Vincent is now a big 10.5 months. We're just 6 weeks away from celebrating his first birthday and it brings so many mixed emotions. Excitement at seeing him grow, learn and change every single day, getting glimpses of the boy he is becoming. But then nearly a sense of despair, that it's all happening too quickly, and you're begging time to slow down so you can savour his babyhood for just that little bit longer. 

I know every mum would feel the same way, but I'm just so dang proud of the little boy our baby is becoming. He has a massive personality, he's confident, strong willed, adventurous and cheeky. He bring smiles and laughter to everyone he meets. He has a complete obsession with being outside and exploring. As long as he's outside with dirt on his face and a stick in his hand he is a happy kid.

These photos were taken a month ago, on the first anniversary of my granma passing away and they are my absolute favourite photos of Vincent I have ever taken (and I've taken a lot!). They were just taken in my front yard, doing what we do every single afternoon, and the light was perfection (thanks granma x) To me, they perfectly capture our boy at 9.5 months. This is our adorable, cheeky, sometimes serious, and  loveable boy. Our Vincent Charles. What a privilege it is to be his Mum and be on this journey with him.

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