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This is a post I have been meaning to write for quite some time...

My studio was a long time coming. I need to publicly apologise to my partner for the nagging, the complaining, the arguing (!), because even though it took a little longer to finish than I had hoped, his hardworkd ans skills have given me something I have always wanted; my very own studio.

As always happens when you decide to renovate, it's not as simple as you first think. We went into it thinking, 'Oh we just need to pull up the carpet, take down the wallpaper and add some paint and we'll be done. Right?' WRONG! As we pulled off the wallpaper we discovered there was a leak in the roof, and as a result a lot of the gyprock had literally crumbled away, and there was no way we could just 'patch it'. So we stripped the whole room back to the bearings, roof and all. 

Neither my partner or I have ever renovated before, and this was our first project in our first home. Luckily my man is not only good looking and intelligent, he is also very handy. So he watched Youtube videos, made a few mistakes and after what seemed like a lifetime, I shot my first client in my studio.

Is it a little small? Yes. Do I still need to put in the wardrobe doors? Yes. But to have a space to call my own, knowing I have beautiful natural light streaming in all day and all year round makes me one very happy photographer. I'm so grateful to be able to offer my studio to the newest humans of Toowoomba. 

It's not exactly how I pictured it, it's even better :) 

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