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Toowoomba Family Photographer

One of my favourite sessions to date. Photographing mothers with their babies (no matter how old they are!) will always be my most favourite subject to photograph. You put a mother with her baby, child, or children in front of me and just watch the magic happen. They don't need instructions on posing, or told to 'smile'. It can be rare that a Mum is given the chance to simply 'be' with her child, with no distractions, nothing to do and nowhere to be, and you can see them taking the time to fully take in this moment with their babies. Their eyes light up and they can't help but cover them with love and kisses. Even the most camera shy can't hide the love, and it is one of the most beautiful things you will see. Being able to capture that love for these mothers to have forever makes my heart truly sing! And I'm always grateful for the trust that's put in me to do so.

Thank you Charlotte for trusting me with your most precious moments XxX

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