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I've photographed plenty of sunsets, a few sunrises, lots of families at sunset, but never have I done a portrait session at sunrise, let alone on the beach.  So on a recent visit to see my sister and nephew I decided I would change that, and photograph Hunter on the beach at sunrise.

The day before I explained to him that we would be waking up very early, when it was still dark and that we were going to go down to the beach. As I expected, he was excited by the idea. Come the next morning at 5:20am and it was another story. The poor little thing was not in the mood to be woken up. "It's still night-time!" he cried. I knew once we were at the beach he would be fine, so we dragged him reluctantly to the car. 

We spent the next hour playing in the sand, being chased by the water, watching the sun rise over the horizon and running all over the beach (so.much.running.) I don't run (ever) so I feel running in boots, on the sand at 6:00am is a clear indication of my dedication to getting a good shot of a five year old that won't stand still. 

This boy will always have a special spot in my heart. He made me an Aunty and I will always be grateful to him for that. I don't see him as often as I'd like to and definitely don't photograph him enough. But honestly, it's a challenge. Family is by far the most difficult people to photograph. But I will remember our morning together on the beach for a long time. I got to watch Hunter experience his first sunrise and in my books that's a pretty magical moment in the world of Aunty privileges. 

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